Owners Chuck & Darryl have been working together over the past 25 years and they have put together what they & their customers believe to be the best system & team anywhere. From Tammy & Debbie in the office who are available to help our homeowners every step of the way during the building process, to our partners in the field. We have found the best craftsmen and have created long term relationships with them, this creates the consistency and attention to detail we strive for in all of our homes. This is something that cannot be equaled by only using money as a guideline. This goes hand in hand with service, by using quality components and the best craftsman our service is kept to a minimum.

Locally owned and operated by Chuck Davis & Darryl Greer, Resort Homes LLC is a custom builder on the Eastern Shore of Maryland & Delaware. We build to Resort Homes standard specs which exceed local codes and other builders in our area. Please contact Darryl Greer at 410-726-8528 or 410-213-7721 for a detailed breakdown of our construction methods and standard building spec.

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